Teacher Training Part 2

The last week of Term 1 saw the second instalment or our Professional Development program at the Melbourne Planetarium. While the clouds were still heavy it was a mild night and we were able to show the grad students how to set up the telescope from scratch.

Telescope Construction

Here we are putting the scope together! All hands on deck.


Well almost all hands. Some of us had to supervise right?

The second session had the teachers treated to an amazing ride through the universe in the Melbourne Planetarium led by Astronomer and Curator, Dr Tanya Hill. Then a lesson on using a Planisphere from Trish Christies, Astronomy Education officer and author of the activities we looked at in the first session. While this was happening, the grad students were learning how to use the telescopes with the aide of some very knowledgable volunteers. After the show in the Planetarium had finished the grad students passed on their new found knowledge to the teachers.

Here is a stunning picture of one of our Astronomy students, Stephanie Bernard, looking at the stars with one of the amazing volunteers. Thanks to Jenny Riding who took all the photos that night.Looking at the Stars

Thanks to both Quantum Victoria and Melbourne Planetarium for hosting these sensational nights.

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