Telescope delivery

In the last week of Term 1 I had the pleasure of delivering my fifth telescope to Pascoe Vale Girls College. We had an audience of Year 11 and Year 12 students interested in Physics and Astronomy who had given up their lunch break to watch. They got to witness myself and the two Physics teachers, Zeita Hare and Louise Ankers putting the telescope together. There was certainly a buzz in the air and plenty of oohs and aahs and we pulled out one piece of equipment after another. As this telescope was the one we had used at the Planetarium the night before, we knew it was running beautifully and was easy to construct. Once we had the telescope all set up, I took the cover off so the girls could look down into the telescope and get an idea of the 3m focal length and the magnification. More oohs as they raced off to their next class. We were lucky on the day to have a photography student present who took some fabulous photos of the occasion.

Telescope set up

Ms Ankers and two Physics students, Rajitha Amadoruge and Kathryn Randall-Dzerdz watching the telescope construction.

Down the Telescope

What you might see, looking down the other end...

PVGC have started a Science club that are meeting regularly and will be utilising the telescope. We look forward to hearing about their investigations. Thanks to Amalia Carroll, a Year 12 student, who took all the photos.

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