Images from Suzanne Cory High School

Last Thursday night saw us back at Suzanne Cory High School with another sensational bunch of Year 9 students. The night was perfect, not a cloud in the sky, the telescope aligned beautifully and the moon was up high. We also had binoculars set up and a small telescope for looking at the moon. Would you believe that this was the first time we have been able to look at the moon. The first night was cloudy and for the second night the moon had not risen yet. For an object that is so familiar and always seems to be there, I was still surprised that this was going to be the first time the students had seen the craters on the moon.

Observing at Suzanne Cory

Looking through the telescope with parents looking on, discussing the astronomy of course!

As it was such a great night weatherwise, we spent the entire two hours with the telescopes! We had about 10 students, a couple of parents joined us and one student was back for her third observation night! Stephanie, our undergrad helper, was sensational on the telescope and did a great job finding the Moon, Saturn and Mars for us to have a look at. We also had plenty of time, so decided to investigate what happens when we change the objective lens. It was great that the students were able to compare the view through binoculars, a small telescope, then the TiS 12″ with a variety of objectives.

Lastly, there were some photos taken of the moon, first with the digital SLR and then not to be outdone, the students got their phones out and were taking images (come back soon to see what they came up with!)

Moon shot

Image of the moon taken with DSLR by teacher Bruce Drummond

In all, a fantastic time of looking at the night sky!

Moon shot through 12"

Another moon shot taken by Mr Drummond through the 12″ telescope objective.

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