Going Solo at Pascoe Vale

Last Tuesday, 2 days after term break, Pascoe Vale Girls College had a group of Year 7’s come and use the telescope and look at the stars. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the night myself, but the staff at Pascoe Vale showed they were more than capable of “Going Solo”.

Girls from Year 7 at Pascoe Vale Girls had their first opportunity to attend a viewing night on Tuesday 17th. With only a little high cloud and much enthusiasm, we set out for them to have their first view of Saturn.

The excitement was almost palpable with parents, friends and teachers asking many thought provoking questions, not all of which had a ready answer from the team attending the night!

“How far away is Saturn?”


Lab Technician, Anne, helping a student with the telescope.

“How many times is it being magnified?”

“Where do I find a black hole?”

“Where are we in the Milky Way?”

“How far away are we to the nearest star with planets?”

And so it went…

The night rated a firm 9.5/10 (half a mark off due to it being cold). When asked what their favourite part of the evening was here are some of the responses:

Gabriella Iocco – “I really enjoyed the whole thing, it was such an amazing night. I loved being able to see the planets up close and using Go Sky Watch to see what planets and stars I was looking at.”

Olivia White – “I liked everything! Aligning the telescope, using my ipad app, seeing Saturn and Mars. I loved seeing the jewel box cluster / C94. It was amazing to see all the colours, the greens, reds and blues in the cluster.”

Merve Kavusan – “I liked seeing Saturn because it was my first time seeing it up that close which was very exciting for me!”

Jillian Van Der Heide – “ I really enjoyed how we saw the planets and using the app Go Sky Watch.”

Soulayma Dannaoui – “ My favourite part was when I saw Mars and looked through the telescope.”

Pelin Ozyurt – “ Probably seeing Saturn and Mars was my favourite part. They were pretty amazing!”

Merve Akinci – “It was great to see the planets. They were so pretty!”


Teacher, Louise Ankers, talking to the girls as they get their first real look at Saturn

And as for what things they would like to learn more about – they were just as varied as their questions!

“The Sun”

“How do we find the planets?”


“More about each of the planets”

“I would love to be able to see Jupiter and go into a Sky Lab”

“The constellations and how to find them”


Good to see the girls all rugged up!

Thanks to Louise Ankers, Year 12 Co-ordinator and TiS teacher for collating these wonderful quotes from the girls and writing the post. Sounds like an amazing night! I look forward to meeting with the girls in the future, answering their questions or maybe they can tell me what they have discovered now their interest is piqued.