Coming up

Just wanted to let you know of a few things coming up in the Astronomical world that you may or may not have heard about.

The big news at the moment is that NASA is about to land the rover Curiosity on Mars. The spacecraft left Earth in late November last year and is due to land on Monday 6th August at 3:31pm (AEST) and there will be plenty of Live Feeds so you can see the action. To see how they plan to land Curiosity, watch this very cool video, wild stuff!

JPL NASA have also released a huge amount of data and images and are asking the public to use their media skills and astronomy knowledge to put together an Infographic. It is just worth it to have a look at those already uploaded, but I am thinking, what a great school project…

Spaceship Kepler has been looking for exoplanets a while now and life in space is definitely something that appeals to everyone’s imagination. Help find exoplanets at Planet Hunters or (very cool) design your own exoplanet with Extreme Planet Makeovers. Lots of fun and science too!

A Total Solar Eclipse will occur on 14th November in the Cairns area of Northern Queensland, Australia. For those of us in Australia unable to get into Cairns for the great event, we will still be able to experience a Partial Eclipse at these times.


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