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Astro news feeds

Before I talk about where I get all my Astronomy news from, I just wanted to share a couple of photos of the Year 9 girls from Pascoe Vale Girls College doing some observing last term. The photos were taken by Mr King, father of year 9 student Zoe King. Thank you so much for taking the photos and letting us share them! The Year 9 girls were joined by Jenny and Steph from The University of Melbourne’s Astrophysics Group.

Pascoe Vale Girls College_1

Looking through the telescope

Pascoe Vale Girls College _2

A nice crowd!

So, where do I hear about all my Astrophysics news from? There are a huge number of blogs and news feeds out there dedicated to just all things space and I must get half a dozen each day. Urgh! I hear you say, I don’t have time to read them all and my mailbox is full of spam as it is! Well, read on below for links to my favourites and I have tried to outline the focus of each so you can tailor your inbox to your own interests and tastes. As always, if I have left any out that you think definitely rates a mention, please leave us a comment or two.

E-mail Newsletters – Each of these sites has an e-mail signup

  • General Daily Astronomy News (many of these tend to overlap, so you only really need to follow the one.)

*Universe Today – US based and mainly Astronomy News

EarthSky News – US based with Earth and Space News

Space and Astronomy News daily – Southern Hemisphere based blog (YAY!) from SpaceInfo that is relatively daily.

Phys.Org Newsletter – can be tailored to all your science interests when you sign up.

  • General Weekly Astronomy News

*Sky and Telescope Magazine – UK magazine with interesting articles on Astronomy (they also have an Australian version of the magazine)

Astronomy magazine – US magazine

More specific Astronomy News 

Hubble News and Images – scroll down to the Stay connected section

NASA – have an RSS feed or you can grab an App for iPhone or Android for News and Images of the day, as well as blogs, tweets and flickr

*Melbourne Planetarium – Monthly ‘what’s in the night sky’ for Melbourne via RSS feed.

Just the tip of the iceberg and I haven’t even covered all the Apps, Tweets and Blogs out there!

Some notable mentions though…



  • @earthskyscience
  • @Nightskyonline
  • @abcStarStuff

Just a few to get you started and I am sure more will follow quickly.

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