Tracy Classic Eclipse

But wait, there’s more…

Before I unveil even more eclipse photos (this time of the total eclipse!) I need to remind you of a very important event happening on Sunday (25th November) at 11am on 3RRR 102.7FM. Telescopes in Schools will be featured on the weekly science show, Einstein A Go Go. Tune in and you can hear students from Pascoe Vale Girls College and Suzanne Cory High School talk about their experiences with the program alongside one of the teachers and a parent. Each week on the show Dr Shane and Dr Krystal have special guests come in to discuss some particular area of Science, they also wrap up the week in science and play some great music too. Dr Shane initiated the Telescopes in Schools program and has worked with a lot of the schools throughout the year. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the show yet, there is always the podcast of old episodes.

Now back to the eclipse. The Eclipse gallery is now up with heaps more pictures.

Remember when I said one of our Astrophysics students and TiS volunteers, Jenny went up north to view the Total Solar Eclipse? Well it turns out another of our TiS friends was also up north in Port Douglas to view the Total Eclipse as well! Tracy traveled up to northern Queensland just before heading home to LA for Christmas and managed to capture some stunning photos of the eclipse and a sensational sunrise. And she has been super generous in sharing her pictures with us. Thanks Tracy.

Here is what Tracy had to say;

I took the pictures at Four Mile Beach so I got some pictures of the sunrise too! I used solar eclipse glasses as the filter for the most part (hence the red tinge!). But it was an amazing experience, despite all the cloud cover. We got totality right when it counted most! I had heard that some people went out to sea on a cruise to watch the eclipse but they didn’t get to see totality because it was too cloudy in their area. So I think I got really lucky there. =)

They are certainly stunning pictures Tracy and an experience you will remember for ever. We are all very jealous and inspired.

Tracy Sunrise

Now that is what I call a Sunrise! Wow!

Tracy near totality

The Sun almost completely blocked out by the Moon and those clouds make it even spookier!

Tracy Total Eclipse

Tracy’s photo at the exact moment the Moon totally blocked out the Sun and you can now see the Sun’s corona.

Tracy Classic Eclipse

That classic Eclipse shot just as the Moon starts to leave the Sun.


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