Quick Update

Just a very quick post to update you on some exciting Astro things happening at the moment.

First up, the Lyrid meteor shower starts tonight and continues until the 22nd April. This is a yearly event and can be best seen around midnight and somewhere dark (such as in the countryside) near the Lyra constellation. You can expect only around 10 meteors per hour, but in previous years there have been around 100 per hour sighted. There will be other, larger showers in the coming months. More information can be found at Meteor Showers Online.

Drs Alan Duffy and Katie Mack, members of the Astrophysics group at Melbourne University and CAASTRO as well as two of our wonderful volunteers for the TiS program, are part of a discussion panel on Are we Alone? The Hunt for ET as part of Science at the Edge at Federation Square on Friday 19th April. Tickets are still available to what should be an entertaining and informative night. Let me know if you make it.

The CAASTRO Annual Report for 2012 came out last month with a great article on the TiS program and pictures of Pascoe Vale Girls College during the Partial Solar Eclipse in Melbourne. Thanks again to CAASTRO for supporting our program.

Don’t forget that now is your last chance to see Jupiter as it sets just after sunset, but don’t worry if you miss it as Saturn is rising just after sunset. Last chance to see Orion as well. Found this great website to create your own calendar with Sun and Moon rise and set times. So helpful!

Lastly, a great virtual interactive video of the Aurora Borealis in Norway taken by Goran Strand. Just makes you want to put on the snow clothes and head North.


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