Pascoe Vale Girls go Solo

As I mentioned in my last post, the Pascoe Vale Girls College science club, Rephract, hosted some Year 10 Science students for an observing night. The Rephract group aligned and drove the telescope for the entire evening with no assistance from their teachers. This is a sensational effort from the girls and they are to be congratulated on their achievements. The Year 10 Science group thoroughly enjoyed the evening and wanted to share this report with you.

Starry Night

On the 28th of May, a cluster of students observed a cluster of stars called ‘The Jewel Box’, as well as Saturn and its moons. The viewing conditions were ideal for witnessing these magnificent celestial bodies. The Jewel Box is a cluster of stars that are in close proximity to each other. Due to the different range of temperatures, each star is uniquely coloured.  We were also able to view Saturn, its rings and its moons, at three different magnifications, showing the details of each ring and its many moons. Omega Centauri is located outside our galaxy. It is centred around a black hole and is surprisingly diffused for a cluster. We recommend that students attend these viewing nights as they are an astonishing experience and we are very privileged to have this opportunity. 

Pascoe Vale Girls all rugged up and ready to do some observing.

Pascoe Vale Girls all rugged up and ready to do some observing.

We were able to view these splendid sites, thanks to Ms Ankers, Ms Hamilton, Ms Petrocchi, Ms O’Keefe and also thanks to Vikram, a PhD student from Melbourne University.

Christine, Giselle, Marielle, Soumaya, Chelsea 10I, Gabby 8D


“Anything that involves looking through the telescope is the best part of the night!” – Soumaya Fernando 10I

“I loved seeing Saturn, it was an amazing sight and I would love to see it again.” “My Dad should have come – it wasn’t even that cold!” –Christine Bulos

“Would love to learn how to take a star-trail photo.” –Monica Delos Santos 12B

“I enjoyed learning about the different types of star clusters there are – and seeing them! Globular and open clusters” “I learnt more about aligning the telescope” – Gaby Iocco 8D

It looks like the students are keen to come back and get onto some astrophotography. I look forward to seeing where they head next.

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  1. Hi Jacinta
    Tanya is coming to talk to Girls Sci next Fri
    Feel free to drop in and heckle if you so desire
    Lunch on me!
    Have a great weekend

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