Astrophotography Competition


I am very excited to launch the Telescopes in Schools Astrophotography Competition.

Slide2The theme is

Colours of Space

There are two categories listed below with some ideas and resources to help you get on your way;

Category 1: Traditional Astrophotography


  • planets
  • moon
  • sun, eclipse, transit
  • deep sky – nebula, star clusters
  • night sky – without the telescope, Milky Way, star trails, constellation
  • atmospheric – sunrise, sunset, rainbow, sun and moon halos, lightning, clouds
  • landscape – image of group with telescope, Moon in the background or Venus

Resources and inspiration:

  • Phil Hart – Melbourne Astrophotographer and winner of 2012 David Malin Award
  • Jerry Lodriguss – Comprehensive how to on his website Astropix
  • Alan Dyer – range of Astrophotography images to inspire
  • These websites also talk about the equipment used and the settings to give you an idea of how to take your images

Post production for images is a big part of Astrophotography. Here are some recommended software and tutorials:

Category 2: Digital Art


  • Take images you have taken through the telescope or just with the camera of an astronomy theme and turn them into a work of art like the background of our poster
  • Take some raw Hubble images and create your own colourised nebula or galaxy.

Resources and Inspiration:

This competition will be open to all TiS participants only. This includes, students, teachers and volunteers. If you are not participating in the TiS program, there is still a way to be involved! We would love to have a People’s Choice Award. So as the images come in, they will be posted on Pintrest for everyone to vote on. So get involved, get your friends, parents, tweeps and pets involved and tell us which image you like the best.

Below are the terms and conditions for the competition:

  1. Only open to students and teachers from participating TiS schools and University of Melbourne TiS Volunteers
  2. Entries are due by 9am Friday, 11th October, 2013. To be emailed or transferred electronically to
  3. Category 1: Traditional Astrophotography – images taken during the entire TiS program may be used. Images that have been taken as a group may be used but MUST be processed by the individual entrant. Possible images include planetary, deep sky, lunar, solar, constellations, atmospheric, and landscape. Cameras which may be used (but not exclusively)  DSLR with and without the telescope, CMOS or CCD cameras connected to the telescope. The use of smart phone or instant cameras is not excluded, but the image quality needs to be satisfactory (see point x below).
  4. Category 2: Digital Art – Your own images may be used or Hubble public images not protected by copyright. Please refer to the copyright conditions for all Hubble images. Full credits are required when using the Hubble images.
  5. Each entry must include the following text (Max 50 words) emailed to to accompany the image
    • Name and email address
    • School
    • Teacher contact for student entries
    • Title
    • Category
    • Equipment used, e.g. camera, telescope
    • Camera settings e.g. exposure time, ISO setting
    • Post image processing, e.g. software used, stacked image, stitched image
  6. Files must be of a high resolution for printing and display. e.g. 2-3 MB JPEG files or equivalent for A3 size. The maximum printed image will be A3.
  7. Six prizes will be awarded and prize winners will be displayed at the Melbourne Planetarium. All entries will be digitally displayed on the Telescopes in Schools website and TiS Pintrest site. Competition winners decided by the panelists will be final.

The competition is brought to you by the TiS program, University of Melbourne, the Laby Foundation and Museum Victoria, with support from CAASTRO and Quantum Victoria.


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