Places Physics can take you

A big part of the TiS program is talking with students, their parents and teachers about why you would study Physics and what can you do with it as a career. Most people are aware of the Physics professor or the Physics teacher and would probably be also thinking of an Engineering type career as well. But that appears pretty narrow to most people, especially compared to mathematics which we are told we need for everything!

My first response is to say that Physics can take you anywhere! Physics is a discipline that teaches you not only the laws of nature but how to think analytically, critically, how to solve problems with a variety of methods often across many disciplines. To be a good Physicist you need to be able to understand a problem from all facets and to be creative to solve this problem in a new way. These skills are highly sought after in many industries and career fields.

I think about the careers my friends went into after they completed their Science degree majoring in Physics. The list is broad and varied;


Academia – Statistics and 3D animation as well as Astrophysics


Financial forecasting



Computer programming

Aircraft engineering

Children’s book author

There are even more listed on the School of Physics website.

There is also a very new field developing where Biology and Physics come together to form Biophysics and Bioinformatics. Traditionally these two sciences were at opposite ends of the Science spectrum but we see them come together when we investigate bionic devices, such as the bionic eye at MMI and require supercomputers for large amount of genome data to be analysed in the field of Bioinformatics. Sounds like Sci-Fi but all very real and we are just exploring the beginning of these fields.

Want to find out more? Of course you do! Come along to the Free Public Lecture at The University of Melbourne on Thursday March 6th if you are in town to hear about the amazing career of Dr Alicia Oshlack, head of Bioinformatics at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Come along to Dr Alicia Oshlack's talk about her career in Bioinformatics

Come along to Dr Alicia Oshlack’s talk about her career in Bioinformatics

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