Sky from Wilson’s Prom

Over the summer break, CAASTRO and University of Melbourne Astrophysicist and old office mate, Pietro Procopio went to the beautiful Wilson’s Prom in Southern Victoria for a holiday and took some fantastic astrophotos while he was there. I asked him if he would share them with us and he was more than happy to. Below are his gorgeous photos and a few details on the images. Enjoy and thanks Pietro!

The two pictures were shot in a farm near the town of Yanakie, at the gate of the Wilson Prom. It was a cloudy night, but the last one we were spending in that place (I had also to test my new fisheye lens!). 

Sky over Wilson's Prom, Australia © Pietro Procopio

Sky over Wilson’s Prom, Australia © Pietro Procopio

Each picture is a 30sec single exposure, f3.5, ISO 3200. A little bit of post-processing was done in Lightroom, just to exploit the whole levels range and so to darken the sky a bit. 

Sky over Wilson's Prom © Pietro Procopio

Sky over Wilson’s Prom © Pietro Procopio

Unfortunately, some coma is visible due to the low f-ratio, that is because I wanted to keep exposure time as low as possible. 

Plenty to see in these images. Can you spot the Large Magellanic Cloud, the Southern Cross and Orion, just to name a few?


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