Taylors Lakes Sun Projects 2014

Every year at Taylors Lakes Secondary College, the Year 7’s study Astronomy. A part of that topic we get the telescope out during the day and do some solar viewing and take some photos. Not only do the Year 7’s view the Sun though, there is a string of Science classes that pass through the courtyard and then word gets out and the History and English teachers also bring their classes. Definitely a whole school event!

In addition to the observing, the Year 7’s were also asked to put together a presentation on the Sun. The assignment was written by teacher Rob Davie and while there are 275(!) Year 7 students at the school, we thought post just select few of the great presentations the students have been working on.

Year 7 Observing the Sun Task 

And the Assignments;

Stefan 7K


Shakira and Joyce 7F


Natalie and Holly 7F

Joanne and Satomi 7K

Helena M 7H

Dana and Lynda 7F

Ghnigmo 7D

Elisha 7H

Daniel and Peter 7I

Damian and Jack 7K

Cody, Taylor and Jak 7F

Catherine and Puti 7F

Brooklyn 7I


Alannah and Taylor-7A

Alanduc 7D

Thank you to all the students who submitted their projects to be placed on the website.

The sun is a great place to start exploring our Universe. Head to the resources page to see the other activities, websites and projects that can be done focussing on the Sun.



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