Astronomy Professional Development

Another quick post to let you know about an exciting Astronomy Teacher Professional Development program happening on October 10, 2014 at ScienceworksMuseum Victoria.

The day has been organised by iTelescope with Scienceworks and will have the amazing Dr Pamela Gay running two workshops on how you can work even more Astronomy into your curriculum. Pamela, or @starstryder, is a renowned Astronomer and science communicator. She has her blog and is on the podcast, ‘Astronomy cast‘ with Fraser Cain of Universe Today. I love listening the podcast on my way home after a late night observing. She is also the Project Director of CosmoQuest, an education and citizen science program. The proceeds of the PD will go back into CosmoQuest.

Also on the day, you will get the opportunity to hear from the awesome University of Melbourne astrophysicist and TiS volunteer, Dr Katie Mack (@astrokatie), as we do some solar viewing, find out about the Scienceworks programs and to do some real Astronomy with your classes.

Details can be found at iTelescope, a flier can be passed around and register here.

Hope you can make it!


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