I was just looking at the stats for how many people have been through the program over the last 3 and 1/2 years. Let’s just say it is pretty huge and a LOT of people have been looking through our telescopes. So here are the numbers as of the beginning of this week;

Our overall attendance is currently 7256 people looking through telescopes, attending talks and doing astronomy activities.

The breakdown;

927 teachers

4688 students

772 parents

896 siblings and community members

And to the majority of these events at least 1 Astronomer has attended, totalling 303 astronomer visits.

We have also totalled 245 events since the beginning of the program.

Given that I have attended the majority of the events – where I can, it is a huge surprise that I have met, talked to and shared the night sky with so many amazing people. With a mix of new and regular participants every session, it’s hard to imagine that everyone is still so excited at every event. I guess looking at the night sky and hearing about Astronomy never gets old!


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