2015 Photography Competition

The 2015 Victorian Schools Photography Competition theme is

How we see the Universe


This competition will be open to all Victorian school students and teachers.

The photographs can explore any idea of light in the two main categories. For example;

  • Light
    • Optical illusions
    • Light Technology
    • Vision
  • Astronomy
    • Planets
    • Deep Sky
    • Sunsets
    • Constellations

Photographs that demonstrate how light and optical technology is an integral part of our life, our future and in the development of society in line with the aims of the International Year of Light, or along the National Science Week theme of “Making Waves – the science of light” will be considered favourably.

High Resolution poster

High Resolution poster

Use the High Resolution poster  to promote the competition at your school.

Resources and inspiration:

Post production for images is a big part of Photography and especially Astrophotography. Here are some recommended software and tutorials:

Below are the terms and conditions for the competition:

  1. Only open to students and teachers from Victorian schools.
  2. Entries are due by 11:59pm Monday, 10th August, 2015.
  3. There is a limit of 2 entries per competitor
  4. Entry is free.
  5. Category 1: Astrophotography Possible images include planetary, deep sky, lunar, solar, constellations, atmospheric, and landscape. Cameras which may be used (but not exclusively) – DSLR with and without the telescope, CMOS or CCD cameras connected to the telescope. The use of smart phone or instant cameras is not excluded, but the image quality needs to be satisfactory (see point 9 below).
  6. Category 2: Light – Create and image your own optical illusion and demonstrate how light can trick the eye. Demonstrate how technology has made an impact on how and where we use light.
  7. Each entry must include a completed application form emailed to jacinta.den@unimelb.edu.au to accompany the image. The following information will be required.
    • Name and email address (you must use a school email)
    • School
    • Teacher contact details and teacher endorsement
    • Title
    • Equipment used, e.g. camera, telescope
    • Camera settings e.g. exposure time, ISO setting
    • Post image processing, e.g. software used, stacked image, stitched image
  8. Files must be of a high resolution for printing and display. e.g. 2-3 MB JPEG files or equivalent for A3 size. The maximum printed image will be A3.
  9. Prizes will be awarded during the Astronomy and Light Festival on Saturday 22nd August at Scienceworks and prize winners will be displayed at the Melbourne Planetarium. Finalists will be notified by the 14th August and will be invited to attend the festival.
  10. Competition winners decided by the panelists will be final. The judges reserve the right to disqualify any images that do not meet the criteria set out in these Term and Conditions.
  11. Permission to use and display the submitted images will be assumed on entry to the competition. All entries will be digitally displayed on the Telescopes in Schools and the Astronomy and Light Festival websites. All images will be duly credited to the author.

The competition is brought to you by the TiS program, University of Melbourne, the Laby Foundation and Museum Victoria, with support from CAASTRO and the Optical Society of Australia.


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