TiS Host Schools

The following is a list of the Host Schools in the TiS program that have one of the ten 12″ telescopes. The schools listed are from a range of Northern and Western metropolitan areas about Melbourne as well as 3 regional Victorian areas. The schools have been participating in the program for a range of periods, have targeted a range of students with a range of activities. For detailed accounts of the activities we have undertaken at each of these schools, please enjoy trawling through our blog posts and galleries.

Bellarine Secondary College

Charles La Trobe College

Footscray City College

Gisborne College

Glenroy College

Mc Guire College

Northcote High School

Pascoe Vale Girls College

Suzanne Cory High School

Taylors Lakes Secondary College

While this list consists of just our Host Schools, we have also engaged with a number of other schools through the host schools, incursion and excursion experiences. We hope to continue to grow the number of schools participating in the Telescopes in Schools program in the near future.


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