Teaching Resources

Ned Wright’s Cosmology Tutorial and FAQ pages are a great source of knowledge

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific’s The Universe in the Classroom has a huge archive on all sorts of astronomical topics, often with classroom activities to go along with the information. Perfect for the budding astronomer.

NASA’s Imagine the Universe Ask an Astrophysicist site with a huge FAQ list.

Material for the NSW HSC Astrophysics topics

COSMOS an Encyclopedia of Astronomy by Swinburne Astronomy Online

Classroom activities
Solar activities using real data to explore the Sun with the SOHO observatory. And these from NOVA Labs or STEREO. Then there is a whole week of activities to spend on the Sun during Solar Week.

Calculator for scale distances of the Solar System

Hawai’i Space Grant Consortium’s Exploring Planets in the Classroom with lesson plans and student worksheets

NASA’s Night Sky Network activities

A huge list of activities and worksheets from the Challenger Centre

A range of Astronomy activities from the Melbourne Planetarium

Science Fiction Novels aimed at Middle School Students with curriculum activities. Maurice on the Moon by teacher, Professor and author Dr. Daniel Barth published by Funderstanding.



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